Vionnet two-tone metallic leather sandals

Vionnet two tone metallic sandals

This is a relatively straightforward sandal, but I still spent a long time looking at it on Net-a-Porter yesterday, trying to figure out what it was that made it stand it out to me so much. I think it’s that slightly “puffy” effect of the leather:

High heeled sandalsIt’s quite an usual effect, and I’m not sure I like it: in fact, something about these heels makes me think of folds of skin and that’s… well, just not what I want my shoes to remind me of. I’m sure that’s just my over-active imagination at work there, though (Note to self: try drinking less coffee), so on a more positive note, I love the colours used on these. I grew up with the belief that you should never mix metallics, but these shoes, with their silver and gold mix, are a good example of why fashion “rules” were made to be broken, don’t you think?

These are $795 at Net-a-Porter: click here to buy them.


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