Topshop ‘Loaded’ black platform sandals

Topshop 'Loaded' black platform sandals

A pair of black platform sandals wouldn’t normally merit a second glance from me (OK, that’s a lie: they totally would. I don’t like to dismiss ANY shoes without at least a little bit of investigation…), but these ‘Loaded’ sandals from Topshop have two added extras which caught my eye: the gold inner platform, and, of course, that animal print heel:

Topshop 'Loaded' leopard print heels

I never could resist a leopard print heel. I’d like these ones better if they were a little less, well, hairy (it’s a pony-effect synthetic fabric), but I do love the combination of block colour plus leopard heel, which gives a little twist to a basic sandal.

BUY: Topshop ‘Loaded’ sandals, £65
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