Steve Madden ‘Intrude’ point toed court shoes

Steve Madden Intrude

I’ve spoken a lot over the course of the past year about my gradual conversion to pointed toes, and I feel that conversion is finally complete. I’m not abandoning the round and almond toes which have been my standard shoe-look for years now, and I’m not embracing all pointed toes (heaven forbid!), but I have found myself wearing the few pointed pairs in my collection a lot more often than I’d have anticipated lately, so I think they’re here to stay – for the time being, at least.

I put this conversion of mine (up until about a year ago, I didn’t even OWN any pointed toe shoes, and didn’t expect to, either!) down to two things:

1. My ever-growing love of ankle cropped trousers. 

I just never seem to tire of this style, and, on me, at least, I think a slightly longer toe works well with crops, creating a more elegant look.

2. Shorter toes.

The pointed toes of the 90s were super-long, and super-thin: I still find that look very dated, and can’t imagine wanting to go back to it anytime soon, but the current crop of courts have shorter toes, like the ones shown above, which are far easier to wear, and don’t have the effect of elongating the foot in the same way.

All of which is a really long-winded way of saying that I really like Steve Madden’s ‘Intrude’ courts. Especially in the green, but you knew I was going to say that, didn’t you?

These are £89.95: click here to buy them at Zappos.

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