Topshop’s ‘Brittany’ thigh high boots


What was I just saying about thigh-high boots being all over the place for this winter? They’re already starting to appear on the high street and, as usual, Topshop are leading the way, with their ‘Brittany’ thigh high, which is available in black or blue suede, or black leather, for £120.

I know thigh-highs are very much a “love ’em or loathe ’em” kind of thing, and you do have to be careful what you wear them with to avoid the Pretty Woman effect, but if you do dare to wear them, I think these are fairly reasonably priced. The blue will be attention-getters for sure, but these are really best worn underneath much more demure, knee-length dresses or skirts, preferably in a floaty, non-clingy kind of fabric, in which case the black suede would be my pick.

BUY: Topshop ‘Brittan’ thigh-high boots, £120


    I must find a thigh high boot that actually goes over my legs, though. They’re muscular; I don’t have little twig legs. 🙁

  • I really really love these boots! But I’m hoping to get a pair identical, but in brown leather. Like Miranda Otto in Cashmere Mafia!![img][/img]

  • I also love them. The blue is a bit much, well, more than a bit, I think they could very well look ridiculous on, but With a decent length skirt, thigh-highs are freakin’ KILLER.

    • I’m 5″3, but I have to admit, I’ve wondered about that too! I’ve seen these on other people who are much taller than me, and they still look thigh-high, so I suspect they’d be crotch-high on me!

  • I love the blue ones! but where can I find them? Online they don’t appear 🙁 and I don’t have a store close by

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