Tan wedge loafers from Next

Tan loafers with wooden wedge heelThese shoes are a great example of how sometimes you really need to see a shoe being worn to know how you feel about it. Or perhaps they’re just a great example of how good styling makes aaaaallll the difference.

When I first came upon them, you see, I was underwhelmed. They were nice, yes, but they were also loafers, and as loafers will forever be “school shoes” as far as I’m concerned, I just can’t bring myself to see them as objects of lust.

Then I saw this photo, in the Next Directory:

And suddenly all I want from life is to be this girl, walking her little dog on a crisp Autumn day in her tweed skirt, her big floppy hat, and her tan wedge loafers.

Well, I have the little dog, and I have the floppy hat. I just need the rest of the outfit now (Actually, I love that yellow sweater too), but as buying the lot would be a little extravagant, even for a confirmed shopaholic like myself, I will just have to content myself with imagining  it instead.

If you want to make the picture come to life, however, you just have to click here to buy the shoes and here to buy the rest. I’m afraid you’ll have to find the dog yourself, though…


  • I agree on the shoes, the dog and the oufit EXCEPT for the tights of death. Those tights make her legs look like leprous sausages. IMO

  • I really loved the dog… and the sweater and skirt – the loafers remind me of the first high heel shoes I ever wore… not wedges, but loafers… from my mother… so I like these ones too!

  • Love this. The silly this is, as a brit who lives in america, I sometimes really miss uk shops but then when I’m back in england visiting, I find myself missing american shops. I’m too fickle. However, I can tell you, I am decided in the fact I want to have that ensemble (or something similar) in the photo!

  • Haha, at first I thought ‘hmmm, not so pretty’ and then I saw the outfit and I want it all now! 🙂 Love the autumnal colours.

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