Shoeperwoman on Formspring: Ask me anything!

I’ve been getting quite a few requests for shoe-related help recently, so I’ve decided to open up my Formspring account again, to give people an easier way to ask their questions.

If you have a shoe-related query, feel free to type it into the box below (or the one that’s taken up residence in the sidebar). Remember, in order for me to be able to help you, the more specific your question is, the better: for instance, I’ll need to know which country you live in (so I don’t suggest shoes that can’t be shipped to you), what kind of budget you have (so I don’t just go directly to and work from there), and what kind of heel-height you’re looking for (I love heels, but if you can’t walk in them, I need to know so I’m not searching for 5″ stilettos!).

Fire away – I will do my best to answer if I possibly can!

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