Shoeper Shopping List, August 2011

This is only a little bit shoe-related, but I do talk a lot about clothes here, too, and as I’m always mentioning the items on my Wish List, I thought I may as well show you them, so that you, too, can look at all of the clothes I wish I was buying this month.

(I’m not, though. I’m being good. Well, sort of. I may have already bought some other stuff, which will no doubt appear in Shoe Challenges of the Future.)

Here are the items on the Shoeper Shopping List this month: what are you lusting after right now?


  • I did a similar blog post a couple of days back and a similar green pleated skirt (albeit mine was maxi) appeared there too… great minds think alike. I just love all the new season stock in River Island now, and want it all. Also, I know you you will bang your head on the desk, but I’m dying for some brogues. xx

  • 4 pairs of shoes, 3 pairs of boots… as usual! But, some of the shoes… I have to wait for the sales… let’s see if I can resist!
    Two of the pairs you showed I tried on… the polka dot ones were too big in size 5, too small in size 4. As usual. But they are amazing! The nude ones soooo sweet, but I was with a friend who always convinces me not to buy… maybe I’d better go there alone next time!

  • Hey Amber,

    I have the Oasis fit and flare dress in navy -wore it for my engagament shoot and have worn it to death since. It’s THE best material and fits beautifully.

    And now I need it in black too. Wonder if they’ll bring it out in red? Or cream?!

    As for those New Look shoes- I tried them on, but something just didn’t seem right about them. Maybe I just need to try them on again…

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