Polka dot ballet flats by George at Asda

Speaking of affordable shoes, I’ve been meaning to show you these polka dot ballet flats from George, which are about as affordable as it gets, at just £10. New Look sometimes do ballet flats even cheaper than this (around £7 per pair, usually), but having tried both brands, I’d say that George has a slight edge over New Look, in that their flats tend to have a slightly thicker, more rigid sole, which makes them a little more comfortable for outdoor walking. I love my New Look flats, too, but they’re fairly soft-soled, so while they’re ideal for wearing around the house (I use them as slippers), or on any other reasonably soft surface, they’re not so great if you’re planning on doing a lot of walking in them, because you’ll feel every bump in the road!

Of course, that said, I haven’t tried these particular George flats, so they may well be different from the other pairs I’ve known. I have seen them in store, though, and found the combination of polka dot upper and cap toe fairly hard to resist for £10: if I was a flats-wearer (or if I did my grocery shopping in store, rather than online), I’d almost definitely have succumbed by now!

Shoes: Polka dot flats
Price: £10
From: George at Asda
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