Pointed toe shoes: Topshop’s ‘Gaggle’ and ‘Glam’ courts

(Topshop ‘Gaggle’, £65: click here to buy them)

Pointed toe shoes are still popping up everywhere, and if they could all look more-or-less like these ‘Gaggle’ pumps from Topshop, well, I’d have no complaints whatsoever. The fact that I love the triple bow on the front of these is a given, of course, but I think the suede and patent mix deserves a close-up:


Beautiful. As is the colour. That fabulous mustard yellow? LOVE IT.

Not that I’d turn my nose up at the blue version, either, mind you:

While we’re on the subject of pointed toe shoes in general, and Topshop’s pointed toe shoes in particular, how about these ‘Glam’ pumps of theirs?

(Topshop ‘Glam’, £46: click here to buy them)

I can’t tell you how happy it makes me that so many retailers have started making green shoes recently. At the start of this year, I didn’t have any green shoes in my collection (I know, it surprised me too when I realised). Now I have three pairs, and am constantly finding more I want to add. These are just one example, although the fact that they also come in purple and red does make the choice a little more problematic:

Of course, one solution to the “which colour?” dilemma is to choose a shoe which combines two colours in the same style:

(Topshop ‘Glee’, £46: click here to buy them)

Topshop’s ‘Glee’ has the same, pointed toe style as the ‘Glam’ shoes shown above (in fact, all of these shoes are basically variations on the same style), but with a much bolder colourway, which comes in turquoise and blue, or… yes, you’ve guessed it…

pink and orange!

I’ve noticed that some sections of the fashion media have started referring to this colour combination as “porange”. I’m just going to stick with “pink and orange”, though.

So: which pair would you go for?


  • Do I really have to choose? Ooohhh… then the yellow pair, with a bow… or the blue one too… and the green one please… no, I don’t want to choose, I want them all! Normally I don’t like pointed toe-shoes, but the bow covers it a bit… very nice!

  • I love those yellow shoes! I just bought my first pair of yellow heels last week and those ones are making me want to buy them a friend. And I’m with you on the hatred of portmanteaus. They and the adding of -gate to any sort of scandal are my biggest lingual pet peeves.

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