What to Wear on a Rainy Day

outfit ideas for a rainy day

rainy day outfit inspiration

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I’m currently sitting at my desk with the rain battering off the window, and the wind howling around the eaves of the house. So much for summer, huh? I have absolutely no plans to leave the house in this downpour, but if I DID decide to leave the comfort of my office, I’d want be be wearing something a bit like this:

rainy day outfit ideas

Rainy day outfit inspiration:

♥  Boden rainy day mac  ♥  Topshop jeans   ♥  River Island sweater  ♥  Joules rain boots

For some reason, rainy days bring out my inner child (It doesn’t take much, let’s be honest), so most of my outfit ideas for inclement weather revolve around bright colours, bold prints, and anything that’ll help brighten up a dark, drearry day, basically. Luckily, I think that a long as you get the outerwear sorted in this respect, it doesn’t really matter what you wear underneath, so with this Boden mac (Which has an over-sized hood, meaning you won’t need an umbrella to be blown inside out and then left on the bus. Or is that just me?) and a pair of complimentary rain boots, you can stay dry, without having to make any real changes to what you’re wearing underneath.

In this case, I’ve gone for what I think of as “comfort clothes”. I never really feel like getting too dressed up on a rainy day, so I’ve gone for a pair of stretchy jeans and a cute sweater – comfortable, but still cute.

I also love the selection of waterproof macs at the top of the page, and while the clothes the model’s are wearing with them may not provide too much in the way of rainy day outfit ideas, these are, again, the kind of thing you can throw on over whatever else you happen to wearing, and then roll up and stash in your bag when the rain finally stops.

Got any rainy day outfit ideas to share with us? I’d love to hear them!

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