Navy striped wedge peep toes from Dorothy Perkins

navy stripe wedge shoes

You know what I hate?

I hate the way that, about halfway through January, as soon as all of the sale stock has been cleared, the stores start filling up with wonderful, summery clothes: sandals and shorts and bikinis and all of those other things that just scream SUMMER.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the clothes. Oh, God, do I love the clothes. Summer clothes (and shoes) are my kryptonite, in a way that winter stuff has never been able to manage, and while the rest of you are all dreaming of coats, boots and tights by the end of May, I’d happily waft around in a summer dress and a pair of peep toes forever. So it’s definitely not the clothes I resent: it’s the fact that it’s still only the middle of January. Here at Shoeper Towers, we still have a good two months of winter ahead at least, and probably four or five before we’ll be able to start thinking about bikinis and sundresses. And by then the stores will be full of winter stuff again…Fashion world, you confuse me.

OK, mini-rant over. You know what I DON’T hate? These shoes from Dorothy Perkins. I don’t hate those AT ALL. In fact, if this was June, say, and not January, I’d be strongly tempted to buy them, because navy upper? Stripes? Huge platform wedge? It’s like a “How to Make Shoes for Shoeperwoman” guide, isn’t it?

While I was placing that order, this skirt would probably fall into my basket too:

Dorothy Perkins stripe skirt

Yes, it’s identical to the black and white one I bought in Primark last month, but you know what I always say: when you find something you love, buy it in every colour. And sometimes even multiples of the same colour, if I’m honest.*

I would promise not to wear it with the shoes, though. Well, I would try not to…

(*I do not recommend this.)

These are £42: click here to buy them.


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