Nautical denim court shoes from New Look

In most cases, the words “denim” and “shoes” in the same product description are enough to send me running for the hills – and in non-denim shoes, too. OK, I’m exaggerating. Again. But I’m wracking my brain here, and I honestly can’t think of a denim shoe I’ve loved, or even liked.

Could this one from New Look be the shoe to change my mind? Well, at first glance I didn’t even realise the uppers were denim (I catch on slow…), so that’s one good sign. The red bow is another. I mean, red + bow = surefire winner, no? The “nautical” aspect delivered by the way the ribbon is threaded through the upper is another. These lost me with the heel height, unfortunately, because as you know, I’m an all-or-nothing kind of gal with that. But I do think they’re cute, and at £19.99 they’re also a bit of a bargain. So I’m going to let them live.

(I’m just joking. I have no say in the matter.)

These are also available in black: click here to buy them.


  • Mmhhh… I normally don’t like “side-bows”, but this time I have to say these shoes are loooovely! (And they look like comfortable as well!)

  • Normally I stay away from denim shoes, but these shoes looks lovely! And just the perfect height for people like me who can’t really wear towering heels

  • I saw the words “denim” and “shoes” and immediately thought “uh oh”. Then I scrolled down, saw the shoes and fell in love. Even the heel height is a plus for me because I have foot troubles.

  • Very cute! However, as with all denim shoes there is the question: what would you wear them with? You obviously can’t wear them with jeans. I also can’t picture denim shoes with any other fabric.

  • The material of the bow looks a bit dodgy to me in the picture but otherwise I really like them. They don’t look nearly as hick or pseudo-punk as denim shoes are wont to do.

    I think they’re a summer skirt kind of shoe, more than a pants shoe.

  • I just spotted your post on these shoes. I actually did a post on the exact same ones a few weeks ago, they really are fab and a great bargain. I love the exaggerated big red bow, nevermind the price! Love your blog x

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