Manolo Blahnik for Liberty: what do you think?

As some of you might known, Manolo Blahnik has just created a capsule creation for London department store, Liberty, and four of the designs from the collection are shown above.

I have mixed feelings about these shoes. On the one hand, I hate the pointed toe court shoes on the top right of this image: they look very dated to me, and I definitely can’t imagine paying £480 for them. On the other hand, I really quite like the other three designs shown here – particularly the curve-sided heels at the top left – although, again, I don’t think I’d pay £480 for them, either.

What do you think of these? Click here to view the rest of the collection, but don’t forget to come back and tell me what you think!


  • The bottom left pair are lovely, but the rest aren’t anything special. It looks to be aimed at someone with a more mature dress sense…perhaps someone who favours twin-sets?

  • To be honest I wouldn’t wear any of these shoes, let alone pay 400+ Pounds for them. And those furry “arctic boots” are just ridiculous! 1.000 Pounds for having weird furry legs?! No, thanks.

  • Honestly they’re way to simple for the brand. I got a bit exited when I read Monolo Blahnik at the top but these shoes shattered my exitement. Something about these is just not right. I mean the first pair of shoes that come in to my mind when I come across Monolo Blahnik is the blue satin ones featured in SATC. The ones with the big silver buckle. Compare that to these, it’s incredible. £480 is beyond expensive for these. I can buy a pair of brand new Christian Louboutin’s with that money. Totally not worth it. Thanks for the great post.

  • I think all four of those shoes are pretty bad. Both pairs on the left look seriously dated. They look like they’d smell like mothballs.

  • Ugh, sorry, I meant both pairs on the right look dated. But, the ones on the left are nothing special either.

  • Apart from the awful pair in the top right, I rather like them all. Maybe I’ve watched too much Mad Men. Just imagine the bottom left pair with a grey pencil skirt and an extravagant white/ cream silk blouse. Hair in a French twist – a cool Hitchcock blonde with a modern twist. Perfection!

  • i like both pairs on the right, because of the patterns and would gladly wear them (I don’t have anything agains the pointy toe :)). Black and white ones give hypnotize me and not in a good way. Another thing is the heel on all of the shoes – does not look nice at all. And none of the shoes look like they could cost anything near 480…

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