L.A.M.B’s Lesley One Band Feather Sandals


Apologies for writing about L.A.M.B again so soon after the last time, but I spotted these ‘Lesley’ sandals at Shopbop today, and wondered what you all think of  them,

Now, I’m no friend of feathers. It’s one of those irrational, not-quite-a-phobia things that I can’t rationally explain, but feathers tend to creep me out a little bit – or at least they do when they’re not attached to birds.  So these shoes don’t really do it for me, even although they’re unusual and dramatic enough to get my attention, and I usually love L.A.M.B shoes (with the exception of those last ones).

What do you think of them? If you love them, they’re $355 from Shopbop.


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