Killah bow back detail heeled sandals


Bored of bows on the toes? (Oh, hey! Poetry!) Well, how about wearing them on your heels, instead?

Killah is yet another brand I don’t remember really noticing before, but I’ve written about them twice this week already, so maybe that should tell me something. I think these bow-back sandals are just the right ride of “twee”, and if they cost a little less than £70, which I just can’t justify after my recent shoe expenditure, I’d probably be very tempted by them.

If you don’t like the bow, meanwhile, it looks to me like it probably comes off, leaving you with a plain red sandal. That would kinda defeat the purpose of paying £70 for a pair of sandals, though, so I’d personally leave them as they are, looking all playful and cute.

These are also available in black, and you can buy them from

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