Jimmy Choo ‘Fairview’ embellished mesh and leather sandals

Excuse the huge image, folks: I figured these shoes deserved to be seen in all their glory!

Meet Jimmy Choo’s ‘Fairview’ sandals, in pale gold leather, which has been hand-stitched with hundreds of Swarovski crystals. They’re not the most practical shoes you’re ever going to find. Even I, proponent  though I am of the practice of wearing dressy shoes with jeans,  would probably struggle to get my money’s worth out of these babies, especially considering that the money in question amounts to £1,295, and I’d probably be terrified to wear them in case I damaged them in some way.

Still, on the plus side, they’re stunning. And if you can overcome the fear of destroying them (Given my Shoe Saving activities, I’m a firm believer that shoes should be worn, not “kept for good”, so I’d definitely be doing my best to fight that particular fear), at least you’d know you’d never have to buy another evening shoe again, because you’d probably be able to wear these to every party, and every special occasion, every year for the rest of your life.

Have I convinced you they’re worthy of saving yet? If I have, click here to buy a pair from Net-a-Porter.


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