Irregular Choice Corstesan Combi pumps in red and blue

Irregular Choice Cortesan Combi

Irregular Choice Cortesan Combi pumps

Irregular Choice Corstesan Combi pumps, £65

While many of Irregular Choice’s shoes are a little too much for my simple tastes, I have to admit to having a bit of a soft spot for the Cortesan pumps, with its glamorous curvy heel and ever-changing upper.

The latest incarnation of the style comes in the shape of the Cortesan Combi – a sumptuous textured upper, topped with the bow to end all bows! Not only is this bow oversized and asymmetric, it’s also double-layered, with the bottom layer in a polka print. Well, obviously I’m going to love that, and I particularly like the way a summery print has been given a winter makeover. These have “Christmas shoes” written all over them, and whether you wear them on the day or simply add them to your list, I think they could make a great finishing touch to a festive look.

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