How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe

How to build a capsule wardrobe

How to build a capsule wardrobe

03.  Go for quality over quantity

When I said every item in your capsule wardrobe should be perfect, I was also referring to quality. Ideally, you want to be able to pick anything out of that closet, and know that it will look good, and make you feel fantastic. While it’s definitely not true to say that the more expensive an item is, the better the quality will be (I have plenty of “budget” items which have lasted for years, and are better made than more expensive pieces), it’s also true to say that your capsule wardrobe essentials are worth investing in. These are the items you’ll be wearing over and over again, probably for years: they need to be of a quality that will stand the test of time, and still look as good next year as they do right now.

04. Ignore trends

When it comes to building a capsule wardrobe, it’s a good idea to forget about trends and focus instead in choosing classic, timeless pieces which won’t go out of fashion, or have to be replaced next season. These are the building blocks for your closet: once you have the basics, you can then start to add in trendier pieces to update your look, or better express your personality, while knowing you still have something to fall back on for those “I have nothing to wear” kinda days.

05. Know your neutrals

Capsule wardrobe essentials are items which should work with (more of less) everything else you own. That doesn’t mean you have to ignore colours and prints altogether: it just means that you have to choose colours and prints which will work with the look you’re aiming for. This involves knowing what YOUR “neutrals” are. Most people think of “neutrals” as shades like black, white, grey and navy, but while those colours are certainly versatile, that doesn’t necessarily mean they should be part of your wardrobe. Contrary to popular opinion, for instance, black does NOT look good on everyone, and if it doesn’t look good on you, then there’s absolutely no reason why you should have to buy tons of black clothes: or ANY black clothes, for that matter. Meanwhile, most of us have certain colours or prints which we wear often enough to make them count as neutral FOR US. I know that green works well with my colouring, for instance, so I consider it to be a neutral for me: it’s a colour I know I will wear, and which will work with lots of other items I own.


  • I completely agree that thinking of your capsule wardrobe as the same as packing really helps: this means having clothes that compliment each other but also that can transform outfits so you don’t end up looking like you’re wearing the same thing over and over again. So for me it’s accessories and fun details:)

    Also if you find something that’s perfect buying it in multiple colorways (I don’t usually do this because of budget reasons byt would love to in the future).

    I also agree about the trends. While they are fun and adding one or two trendy pieces can be good for the wardrobe, it’s good to go for timeless pieces. But mostly for me it’s about having fun with fashion and expressing my personality. Having clothes that have options and that you can style various ways. Can’t wait to see more of these posts:)

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