Giuseppe Zanotti blue suede platforms with silk ruffle

I really wish there was a larger photo of these shoes on the Giuseppe Zanotti website: as beautiful as they are from a distance, I have a feeling they’d be even more special up close! Mind you, I guess the small photo could be a blessing in disguise, too: any larger, and I’d be in danger of wanting to sit and stare at them all day, and would get nothing else done!

If you’re a regular reader, then I probably don’t need to tell you that this particular shade of blue is fairly irresistible to me. I also, however, love the silk embellishment on the toe, and the fact that, despite the huge number of shoes which have this kind of detail, these still manage to look a little different. My one sticking point with these would be the ankle strap, but I suspect it’s probably removable, so I can live with that, too.

The bad news is that they’re £525: click here to buy a pair.


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