Garcelle Beauvais in Givenchy’s studded pumps at the premiere of Valentine’s Day

Garcelle Beauvais in Givenchy shoesThese shoes are just begging to have the word “fierce” used to describe them, aren’t they?

I hate the fashion-related use of the word “fierce”, though, so instead all I’ll say is “wow!”. I’m actually not sure whether that’s an admiring “wow” or a “wow” of horror, though: these are definitely amazing to look at, but I think I’d rather keep on looking at them rather than actually wear them.

What do you think? They’re by Givenchy, and they’re seen here on Garcelle Beauvais, who wore them with a Versace dress, to the world premiere of Valentine’s Day this week. Full outfit shot under the jump…

Garcelle Beauvais in Givenchy shoes


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