Fornarina ‘Demy’ polka dot platforms

polka dot platform shoes

Back in February, I showed you the summer version of Fornarina’s ‘Demy’ court shoes, which had a white canvas upper and unusual, open sides (you can see the post here, if that doesn’t ring any bells…).

Now, as pretty as those shoes were, that white canvas wouldn’t exactly be the most practical choice of upper all year round, so I’m happy to see these two Autumn/Winter appropriate versions, which use the same basic style and shape as their summery sisters, but fill in the closed sides, and use leather/suede on the uppers. I’m particularly keen on the coral and pink version, which is an unusual colour combination, and a very pretty one into the bargain, but the black and grey is also very cute, and could work well as a work shoe: it’s restrained enough not to draw too much attention to itself, but still sweet enough to satisfy us shoe lovers.

I particularly like the little off-set bows and polka dots on these. That goes without saying, though, doesn’t it?

BUY: Fornarina ‘Demy, £141.99
Click here to buy them at Spartoo



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