Heroes or Villains? Flat lace-up brogues

Readers, it’s time to discuss brogues.

If you have even a vague interest in fashion, you’ve probably noticed that flat, lace-up brogues are hot right now. Perhaps it’s a reaction to all of the super-high stilettos and platforms that’ve been in vogue for the past couple of years, or maybe it’s just part of the whole “little old lady” look that swings into style every now and then, but everywhere I look, people seem to be gushing over brogues.

It’ll come as no surprise to my regular readers to know that I’m not going to be joining in with the gushing: partly because I had a pair of shoes almost exactly like the ones shown above when I was in primary school, and I’ve absolutely no desire to be reminded of that time, but also because any shoe that can be described as “sensible” is anathema to me. But that’s just me. I know many of my fellow fashion bloggers have been embracing the brogues lately, so to speak, and have been looking fantastic in them, and now I want to know what you think of them? Are they shoe heroes, or are they shoe supervillains? In other words: yay or nay to brogues?

(P.S. The ones shown above are Aldo’s Kegerries brogues, and they’re available in brown or black: click here to buy them.)


  • Ow I just bought my first oxfords about two weeks ago)) Well my excuse is I also bought new pair of heels and 2 pairs of stiletto boots. But I do like the oxfords, maybe because I have no bad primary school memories attached to them)

  • I don’t love these particular ones (If they were darker I probably would.), but I welcome the return of flat woman’s shoes into the fashion world. Why? Well, I work in retail and have to walk/stand all day. I can’t do that in high heels. And I’m tired of wearing trainers all the time.
    It doesn’t have to be “sensible”, but as long as the shoes are flat and don’t make me look as if I’m 65 or preparing to run a marathon, I’m game.

  • I love brogues! I’m absolutely dying for a pair to replace my boring old black flats. I’m also loving the saddle shoes and loafers that are trendy right now.

  • I love brogues, partly because I’m a big fan of androgynous fashion and like dressing like a boy sometimes, and partly because I can’t wear heels and I’m always grateful for snazzy flats. I have a pair of black and white brogues that I ought to start wearing in.

  • Heroes, definitely! I love them! I have two pairs that i wear them all the time. They’re great for school, too

  • they’re heroes to me. i don’t like these since they look too flimsy and poorly made, but i love them as an alternative to sneakers (not dressy enough) and flats (boring)

    i just got a pair of bass saddle shoes and they are amazing.

  • I’m not into flats, at all. And if I have to wear flats it’s usually just ballet flats. Which is boring, yeah, but not outright unattractive like those are.

    I do have one pair of brogue-detail heels that I bought before this whole trend happened, but they’re black and white, patent, have cut-outs and ribbon laces and are made by a brand that makes stripper money-jar shoes, so I feel that I am exempt.

  • I love to mix feminine and masculine styles, and I think brogues are great! Some days are for super high stilettos and others for brogues.

  • I don’t like that particular pair at all, but a well done pair of Brogues is an blessing to my feet. I too work in retail and am on my feet all day and can’t wear heels due to horribly weak ankles. Since I don’t have the luxury of being able to wear trainers, at least it gives me a few options for stylish footwear that doesn’t make me look like a granny or a workman.

    PS – To the poster who suggested Brogues were a little fashion-victimy: Broguing is actually quite an old shoemaking effect, and the word is thought to come from either Scottish or Irish origins. Its use in fashion is relatively recent as far as I’m away but the style of shoe has been worn in the workplace for decades.

    • I wasn’t suggesting that they were a new, never seen before style. My dislike of them is predominantly because they are old fashioned looking and something generally seen on old men. Every second girl I see walking down the high street is wearing them hence the fashion victim feeling.

  • I’ve asked the “hero or villain” brogue question on my blog recently, and voting keeps swinging from “keep them” (I actually bought a pair of patent brogues from next) to “take them back” – opinion is pretty much divided! I’m personally still undecided too!

    I have to say my teenager is rocking her brogues as school shoes, and I’m wondering if it’s a look best left to the teens :-$.

  • I have to say that brogues are my favourite style of shoes. I own a couple of heeled ones (black, purple, soon will be joined by a blue pair), and also I´m planning to get some flat ones (well, probably a little less flat than those in the picture). They seem comfy, yet elegant.

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