Faith orange ‘Cerys’ peep toe stiletto sandals

I was so excited to find these shoes online: my local TK Maxx has had a few pairs of these the last couple of times I’ve been in there, and I think they’re much nicer in real life than they look in this photo (and I’d say more of a coral colour than an orange, too). Of course, TK Maxx didn’t have them in my size, or they’d definitely have been coming home with me: Debenhams, on the other hand, still have them in everything except a size 9, although at £26, they’re a little more expensive than the ones in TK Maxx, which I think were £20, although I could well be mistaken about that.

Like them? Click here to buy them at Debenhams (or take your chances and check out TK Maxx!).


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