Edith & Ella Isine ballet flats

red ballet flats with cream bow green ballet flats with cream bow

Edith & Ella flat shoes, £121.99

Edith & Ella is quickly becoming one of my new favourite shoe brands. Last month I fell in love with their gorgeous bow-front pumps, and this month I’m almost as enamoured with these cute flats. Now, it takes quite a lot to make me given a pair of ballet flats more than a second look, but these ones made the grade for two reasons, neither of which really need to be explained (These kind of speak for themselves, don’t you think?), but just in case you’re in any doubt:

1. The bow. Oh, that now! I’ve seen a lot of bows, on a lot of shoes, but I think this is one of the prettiest, covering almost the entire toe in a contrasting cream leather: lovely.

2. The available colour choices. Green and red? Count me in!

Where these fall down for me is on the price. £121 may not make them the MOST expensive shoes out there, but it still seems like a lot to pay for ballet flats, although that may just be me. I wouldn’t think it was an unreasonable price for a pair of good-quality heels, after all, but somehow I always expect (or maybe just want) flats to be cheaper, and I’m reluctant to spend as much on them as I would on higher shoes. In my case, that probably has a lot to do with the fact that flats are always my “practical” shoes. These are one of the cutest pairs I’ve seen, but they’d still only come out on days when heels just wouldn’t be practical, hence my reluctance to spend quite that amount on them. For those of you who wear flat shoes more regularly however, these might seem like a sound investment. How much would you generally be prepared to pay for shoes like these?

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  • They look so sweet! I like the style of the bow! And the colors! But yes, you are right, a bit too pricey for… what one can think “just flats” (I think I would think this way!)

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