Dune ‘Helium’ Colourblock Slingback Shoes

Dune colourblock platforms

It’s that green/blue combination again! I thought I’d be bored of it by now, but nope, apparently not! These ‘Helium’ platforms use two different shades of green along with a bright sky blue, to create this vibrant platform sandal, with curved sides and serious amount of height.

I’m guessing the height of the platform is probably what’s going to put a few of you off these: a very large platform, combined with a very slim heel can give a shoe a bit of a “stripper” vibe, but the suede uppers and very “on trend” (sorry, I hate that phrase, but it’s true) look of the colourblocking helps save these from that fate.

These also come in an orange/pink combination:

colourblock shoes

and they’re £90 at ASOS: click here to buy them.


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