Dita Glitter platform bow pumps by Buffalo

Buffalo Dita glitter

Buffalo have produced a few different version of this shoe – in fact, I actually own the ‘Dita Flower’ version – but I think this one has to be the loudest for sure!

With a glitter covered upper and a giant, shiny bow, these shoes are definitely not designed for those days when you just want to blend into the background: they’re just begging for attention, and they’re probably going to get it, too. The bow, as you can see from the elastic around the sole, is a detachable one: you can change its position on the shoe, or just remove it completely if you prefer. I’m not very keen on the look of the black elastic it’s attached to, so I ended up removing the flower that came with my ‘Dita’ pumps: happily, the shoe underneath is a lovely shape in its own right, so it works well either with or without the embellishment.

These are £142.90 at Sarenza: click here to buy them.


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