Clutch bags for shoe lovers

I heart shoes
There's no business like shoe business the higher the heel the better you feel

So, these aren’t shoes, as you can see. I show you them, however, for two reasons:

1. They’re ABOUT shoes, which is ALMOST as good.

2. They’re £627 clutch bags. Which has kind of blown my mind. I’m not saying they’re not cute, because they are – I love the shoe-shaped clasp and I also like the messages – but, for me at least, they’re cute in an “I’d pay £20 for them if I saw them at the mall,” kind of way, not in an “Investment bag that I will carry for the rest of my life,” kind of way.

Of course, cost is all relative, and I’m sure that for every person who just fell to the ground in horror, there’s someone who would happily pay that much for one of these bags. I mean, there MUST be, right? High-end designers like Charlotte Olympia would go out of business if there weren’t enough people out to buy the items they create. So while I wouldn’t buy one of these myself, I will happily admire them from the other side of my laptop screen!

If you’re wondering what kind of ACTUAL shoes that kind of money would buy you, meanwhile, these are also by Charlotte Olympia, and are a whole £2 cheaper:

Charlotte Olympia 'Dolly' plaforms Pink platform shoes with gold rope detail

I much prefer the ‘Dolly’ platforms without the gold strap, which looks kind of awkward twisted around the heel here, but if you love them, you can buy them at Louisa Via Roma, where you’ll also find the clutch bags. Would you buy them, though?


  • I love the clutch that says “the higher the heel, the better you feel!” I mean, I loved the clutch and the quote! Looking forward to the new layout of the site! It’ll be great, I am sure!

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