Friday Fix | Christian Louboutin Mea Culpa Metallic Leather High-Back Collar Pumps

Christian Louboutin Mea Culpa pumps

THE SHOES:  Christian Louboutin Mea Culpa Metallic Leather High-Back Collar Pumps, £588

There’s something about this style of shoe that makes me think of them as the super-stylish arch villains in a black-and-white movie. Or the (again, super-stylish) evil queen in a stylized fairy tale. They’re just that little bit dangerous looking somehow, aren’t they?

These are called ‘Mea Culpa, and are, once again, of the Pigalle/So Kate ilk, but with a high collar at the heel. Louboutin has provided us with endless iterations of the point-toed pump this season, and this is just one of them. I guess I should really be bored with them by now, but one look at those curved sides, and I’m drooling over my keyboard again, so M. Louboutin can continue creating as many variations on the style as he likes with no complaints from me.

The gold leather uppers on these are just perfect, as far as I’m concerned. It’s the ultimate shoe colour, really, being both fairly neutral, and totally glamorous at the same time. Speaking of glamour, that stiletto heel may look a little bit lethal, but at 4.5″ it’s actually a touch shorter than many of Louboutin’s recent creations, so hopefully these shouldn’t be too tricky to walk in, either.

Oh, and following on from this week’s Unusual Shoes Tuesday, I just had to show you these sandals:

Christian Louboutin sandals with fringe heels

fringe heeled shoes

… which I guess are all the proof we need that not even Louboutin himself is immune to the lure of the, er, unusual shoe.

(Someone please tell me these fringed heels aren’t going to become A Thing? I mean, I guess it would be good news for my floors, because I’d be able to sweep them just by walking across them, but I honestly have no idea how I’d even begin to style a shoe like this. Suggestions, anyone?)

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