Chinese Beauty Secrets & Ancient Skincare Methods

Achieving beautiful and healthy skin is something all of us dream of. Having a good skincare routine is something we all have to discover for ourselves. Different cultures have different methods and treatments that have been traditionally used throughout the years. Asian women especially are one of the biggest experts when it comes to skincare. They follow their routines religiously with some tools and ingredients. Taking care of your skin will leave it looking wrinkle-free and smooth. Chinese culture has a lot of skincare secrets that will leave you shocked and pleased with the results. 

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Gua Sha

A tool that is used in scraping your skin with short or long strokes to stimulate microcirculation of the soft tissue, which increases blood flow. A technician applies massage oil to your skin and uses a tool to repeatedly scrape the skin in a downward motion. A gua sha is meant to address stagnant energy, called chi, in the body. It’s performed on a person’s back, neck, arms, buttocks, and legs. A gentle version of this is even used on the face as a facial technique. It’s often used by Chinese women for the face. 

Moong Beans For Acne

The Moong or Mung is used in noodles, soups and more – it’s a staple in the Chinese diet. It’s also known to soothe acne and other skin issues like rashes and cold sores. The legumes that you see are very rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients. You can also spot them in face masks and skin treatment products. 

Green Tea

As we all know, Chinese drink a lot of herbal tea – the most popular is green tea. It has amazing benefits – it’s anti-inflammatory and packed with antioxidants. It’s even believed that drinking this type of tea everyday can have a positive effect on the skin and your overall health. 


Turmeric lattes have become super popular, but Chinese use it for the face as a mask. Make this face latte by mixing in some turmeric powder with milk and honey and then exfoliate. It’s a very hydrating and nourishing treatment. 

Pearl-Like Beauty with Pearl Powder

If you’re looking for a product that gives you glow, consider pure pearl powder. This powder is gained from oyster shell. It has been a part of Chinese beauty secrets since 320 AD. It’s best used in the form of a facial mask. Add one tablespoon of pearl powder with one tablespoon of honey and one egg yolk. Mix them well and gently apply on your face. Application of this mask helps to:

  • Cure for skin pigmentation
  • Rejuvenates skin
  • Removes acne
  • Improves collagen level in skin
  • Cures irritation and redness of the skin
  • Reduces inflammation

Mint Leaves

Mint is known to have numerous health benefits – only a few of us know how mint can work wonders to get you a bright and glowing complexion. Mint is so cost-effective and easy to buy that we all should try it. To get bright and healthy skin, grind the mint leaves and form a paste to apply on your face and neck. Another big plus is that it gives a cooling effect in summer.


Rice is not only a Chinese beauty secret but the Japanese geisha’s too have been using rice water to get an even toned skin. It tones up and softens the skin naturally and beautifully. Besides that, it prevents the skin from being damaged by the sun and early aging – this means it fights wrinkles. This is common in the black and silky hair of Chinese and Japanese women. You all have seen the black and silky hair of Chinese and Japanese women. Rinsing their hair with the left-over water (after rinsing the rice) of rice is the real secret. For hair, you are supposed to wash your hair with this uncooked and unpolished rice water. For skin, soak the unpolished rice in the water. Leave it that way until the water looks white like milk. Dip the cotton in this water and apply on your face and neck. You can keep this water stored in your refrigerator for around 3 to 4 days.

Facial Cupping

Cupping has been documented in ancient texts about healing from as long ago as 1550 BC. Cupping is the application of plastic bell-shaped or rounded bowl-like glass “cups” to the skin using suction, created by air pump or heat, over affected areas. They release stagnant vital energy within the superficial muscle tissues and stimulate better circulation of blood and fluids. Facial cupping requires the use of specialized smaller cups that do not leave any markings or redness after treatment. Using a gliding motion across the face and neck, the gentle suction helps the lymphatic fluid that is causing your puffiness, under-eye circles, and acne to drain and clear. Cupping over time can also plump fine lines and wrinkles. 

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Seaweed absorbs excessive salt and speeds up the metabolism – this is why Chinese women love eating it. It also contains fiber that provides a longer feeling of satiety which is a great choice for those who want to lose some weight. Seaweed is also rich in chlorophyll and vitamins that keep the skin looking youthful and healthy. The protein in seaweed also helps slow down the aging process. 

Dry brushing your face

Dry brushing can detoxify and stimulate the circulation in your skin, and also effectively exfoliates it. This helps to defuse skin surface imperfections and also decongests pores, leaving your skin texture looking more refined and clear. It also increases the absorption and efficacy of skincare products on the skin. Over time, dry brushing your skin can speed up cell turnover and help minimize some of the effects of aging. With dry or sensitive skin, you might experience skin flare-ups, so be sure to consult a dermatologist first before you give this technique a try.

Snail Mucus

Snail slime is an Asian beauty ingredient with roots in ancient beauty traditions, but has recently been modernised into a slew of beauty innovations such as sheet masks, creams and serums. It might seem intimidating to try, but it’s a beauty ingredient that offers many skin benefits. Snail mucus is a natural source of hyaluronic acid, enzymes and peptides, which hydrate, exfoliate and firm the skin all at once. It also has glycolic acid, collagen and elastin, which protect, soothe, brighten and hydrate the skin. 

Sake Baths

A glass of sake is typically related to sushi. It’s actually a good idea to soak ourselves in a tub of it. Sake is a type of rice wine that, through fermentation, produces kojic acid – an effective non-hydroquinone skin-lightening and brightening agent. A sake bath is also a very relaxing experience. A relaxing DIY sake bath can get rid of fatigue. Pour in two 750 ml bottles of sake in a tub of hot water and soak for as long as you like.

Face Slapping

It sounds aggressive, but it’s a popular beauty tip that has been passed through generations in Asia. Slapping or patting your skin aids with micro-circulation, leaving the skin firm and toned. It also helps dry the skin after cleansing, and many Asian women prefer it over using a towel as it leaves the skin feeling plump and the perfect canvas for skincare and makeup application. Start by using your finger tips to gently and briskly pat your serums and creams into the skin in an upwards, circulation motion.

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Goji berry mask

An ingredient often added to teas and soups – goji berries have high levels of antioxidants and are said to be able to help the skin absorb nutrients. They are also recognized for their ability to improve and protect one’s eyesight. Besides eating them, you can also make masks with these beta-carotene-packed super-fruits to improve your complexion and reduce acne scars. Just take four or five goji berries and soak them in warm water for 15 minutes. Mash them and add ¼ of a tablespoon of honey. Spread into your skin and let it sit for about 15 minutes before rinsing off with lukewarm water. 


Chinese women look young and beautiful – even in today’s society. It’s all thanks to their traditional ancient skincare methods and ancient beauty secrets. Even today women all across the world envy the beauty of Asian women because of this all-natural beauty routine. These beauty tricks can be used by all cultures – make them a part of your daily beauty regimen and in no time you’ll be seeing amazing results. 


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