Cheryl Cole’s shoe collection for Stylist Pick launches today

Cheryl Cole

OK, before we get onto the shoes, I just have to say: how cute is Cheryl Cole in this photo? I’ve always thought she was gorgeous anyway, but this makes me want to put my hair in pigtails and steal her sweater, seriously.

Do you want to steal her shoes, though?

Well, as of today, you can: well, sort of, anyway. I mean, you will have to pay for them, but today sees the launch of Cheryl’s debut shoe collection for member’s only website, Stylist Pick, and here are the shoes:

Cherl Cole shoe collection for Stylist PickI’m actually much more impressed by this collection than I expected to be. I particularly like – and would wear – the ‘Hot to Trot’ and ‘Your Royal Hotness’ pumps, and while the Ri Ri ankle boots are slightly out of my comfort zone, seeing them on Cheryl has swayed me a little. The flat boots are very much NOT my style, but I do like the fact that the collection includes a range of shoes, rather than sticking to just the one style.

What do you think of this collection? Would you buy any? You’ll need a Stylist Pick account in order to shop from the site, if so: you can click here to sign up, and here to read more about how it works.


  • I like Glam Slam, Byker Groove and Freak Le Chic! Well done Cheryl! Can’t be bothered with the monthly payment scheme though so I wont be buying any…unless they appear on ebay!

  • I actually really like Cheryl however was disappointed with the range.
    I appreciate there are so many styles of shoes out there that there is always the risk of treading on other designers toes. However Cheryl’s designers have ripped off Crisian & McCaffrey and I definatley feel like a couple of those are close to some louboutins she’s been spotted in already. It’s a shame really. I also think they are overpriced for the quality of them. On the positive side though, I do think it’s a good venture for her!

  • Unfortunately, ‘Freak le chic’ is not an original design. That shoe was designed by Nareesha McCaffrey from Crisian and McCaffrey shoes. Cheryl bought the shoes of Nareesha, and low and behold, they’ve popped up on her own little shoe store. The other shoes are fine, but please Cheryl, don’t steal other peoples ideas. It’s not nice.

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