Charlotte Olympia ‘Dance With Me’ pumps in black suede

Charlotte Olympia Dance With Me pumps

Charlotte Olympia ‘Dance With Me’ pumps, $734

I’m not generally a fan of shoes which have some kind of “novelty” or overly twee factor to them, but I do make an exception for Charlotte Olympia, purely because the execution is always so good that the shoe looks merely quirky, as opposed to being too crazy, or even tacky, as can be the case with some other very OTT designs.

In the case of these ‘Dance With Me’ pumps, the design is actually fairly restrained: we have a classic black court shoe atop the famous Charlotte Olympia platform: the only difference is that this platform is decorated with a series of musical notes, giving the shoe its name. It’s interesting to see how such a small detail can really transform a shoe: without the music, these shoes would still be striking, thanks to the contrast of the black upper and white platform, but they wouldn’t be nearly as interesting.

Charlotte Olympia 'Dance With Me' pumps in black suede

Charlotte Olympia 'Dance With Me' pumps in black suede

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