C.Petula ‘LadyMousse’ stripe wedge sandals

stripe wedge shoes

OK, NOW do you believe me that the fashion world is actively targeting me this season? That shoes designers are putting their heads together and saying, “Now, let’s see: how can we get all of Shoeperwoman’s money?” Because they SO ARE. Seriously, the green? The navy? The stripes? THE BOWS, people? And OK, the heels on these wedge sandals are a little bit lower than I’d generally go for, true. That’s the only reason I’m not taking this one personally, though. Oh, and the final nail in the coffin?

They’re also available in red and tan. I DIE.

I particularly like the bow on these shoes: it’s not quite as dramatic as the one Ted Baker has made his own, but it’s still a very cute, “puffy” shape, and the patent trim is a nice touch, too. And while I personally prefer my wedges as high as is humanly possible, I have to admit that these ones will probably be a little more practical than the skyscrapers I usually tend to go for.

These shoes are by C.Petula: a brand which is appearing on Shoeperwoman.com for the first, but probably not the last, time. They’re £167 and you can click here to buy them at Spartoo.


  • Oh how I love these! Love love love them. I need them in all colours, immediately. But yet again, probably another brand not available in Australia. It’s a cruel world.

  • I love these. Of course, they ship only to Europe (why must you torture me!) I need to find an American knockoff of these for the right price.

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