Bruno Frisoni shoes, Spring/Summer 09: frills!


bruno-frisoni-blue-shoesHave you ever had one of Those days? You know, the ones where you can’t seem to make even the slightest dent in your ‘To Do’ list, no matter how hard you try, and the next thing you know, it’s 6:30pm, and you’re STILL struggling to catch up with work that you should have completed about three hours ago?

I have Those days every week. I call them “Thursdays”. I’m having a Thursday now, in fact, so while I go and try to get myself organised, here are three very frilly pairs of shoes from Bruno Frisoni’s Spring/Summer 09 collection for you to look at.

Tell me what you think of them!




  • Wow. The first ones are just… divine. I love that shade of blue, and together with that darker colour…. Gah, I’m drooling already.
    The pink shoes are also adorable, but it’s really the blue ones that got me asking myself “Why am I not rich, WHY?”

  • I really like the blue ones. I’m not big on frills but I’ll make an exception for those.

    Pink and orange: meh.

  • What’s with the buckles on the sides? Has anyone figured out if those or ornamental or not?…Because if not, as much as I love them (and believe me, I do!…) it seems like it would be quite a hassle just to get them on and off.

  • i really like the blue ones. they’re feminine and girly without being OTT (thank god the ruffle wasn’t bigger). the colors work well together, and i’d totally wear them 🙂

  • I love the design of the first ones, but I’m iffy on the color combo. I’d like them more if the straps were black.

  • I’m kinda confused… I wish they were on a foot, it would be easier to tell what straps go where that way! But they are cute in a unique kinda way.

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