Boottights: tights made especially for boots

I don’t know about you, but when I wear knee high boots with tights, I almost always end up adding a pair of socks over the tights, purely to keep my feet warm, or make the inside of the boots feel a little more comfortable. And, of course, that can be a little inconvenient: sometimes the socks will slide down, or bunch up, or otherwise make a nuisance of themselves, so it’s little wonder that someone eventually decided to come up with a simple solution.

That “someone” was Boottights founder Shelby Mason, and her solution was a simple one: take a pair of tights, stick a pair of socks on the end, et voila! A pair of tights that are custom made to wear with boots!

Shelby called her creation Boottights, and is now selling them in a range of different patterns via her website, which you can find here.

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