Beyonce gives sister Solange 25 pairs of shoes for her birthday

This morning I begin my day by wishing I was related to Beyonce. More so than usual, I mean. It would be great to be related to Beyonce at any time, especially if it meant getting to share some of her amazing genes, but it turns out that Beyonce’s an amazing sister too, having just presented Solange Knowles with 25 pairs of shoes to celebrate her 25th birthday on June 24th! Apparently the shoes all came from Saks and Bergdorf Goodman: well, you probably wouldn’t expect Beyonce to be hitting up F21, would you? (Although I guess you never know…)

A pair of shoes for each year of your life? Now THAT would make birthday’s almost bearable…

[image: Fame]


  • Time for the Great Shoeperamyd Scheme: e-mail 4 of your best shoe fanatic buddies with instructions to send a pair of shoes (of the specified size) to the person at the top of the list, remove the top person and put their own name and shoe size at the bottom, and send it to 4 of THEIR friends. If the list is say, 3 levels deep (let’s not be greedy!) then when your name gets to the top you will will receive 4x4x4 = 64 pairs of shoes. 4 levels would be 256 pairss, and how could you save that many in one year once you had them???

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