Valentino Rockstuds: love ’em or hate ’em?

Valentino Rockstuds

Valentino Rockstuds, $945

The Valentino Rockstuds have been arguably one of the most successful shoes of recent years. Worn by celebrities and, well, fashion bloggers, and released in a multitude of different colours and fabrics, the studded t-bars with the pointed toes don’t seem to be going anywhere soon, and are only gaining in popularity.

Lately, though, I’ve been noticing a bit of a backlash against the Rockstuds in some corners of the internet. The main complaint seems to be, not that the shoes don’t look good (Although there are certainly people who hold that opinion, too!), but that they’re simply over-exposed. People are “sick to death”, they say, of seeing them on the feet of every fashion blogger out there, and they’re more than ready to see a new trend take over.

So, what do you think of the Valentino Rockstuds?

I have to admit that I still absolutely love these shoes. I’ve never been particularly interested in trends, either in the sense of following them or of avoiding them, and I don’t really “get” the attitude of “as soon as something becomes popular, I won’t wear it any more,” so I can honestly say that I don’t care how many people own these, or how many people hate them: I still think they’re beautiful shoes, and if I was lucky enough to own a pair, I’d be wearing the hell out of them, even although my lifestyle doesn’t exactly present too many opportunities for the wearing of studded stilettos. (Not that it’s ever stopped me before, of course.)

Sadly for me, it’s a moot point, though, because at $945 these are just far too expensive for me to even dream of owning a pair. What do you think of them, though: do you love them, and think they deserve the popularity they’ve achieved so far, or are you just sick of seeing them? Does the fact that a particular shoe is popular influence your decision to buy it, either positively or negatively?

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  • I’ve never really loved these (I would love them a lot better without the cross-strap over the foot, with just the slingback/ankle strap), but that is a striking colour. But yes, I agree that they are overexposed. (I do adore the Rockstud purses though!)

  • I’m just bored of seeing them (not seen them in this colour before though!) – Liberty London Girl wore them in Red recently and that was the only time I thought they looked great. Her’s were red leopard I think with jeans and a black top. She kind of has the attitude to pull them off in a casual way I think.

  • I absolutely love them! Especially this high heeled version of them, and this color (which I’ve never seen before!). I’m not bored of seeing them everywhere, even though it’s true that almost every fashion blogger owns a pair. Maybe because Valentino sent some limited edition pairs to them for promotional reasons. But I don’t care! If I had a pair I would definitely wear them all the time.

  • I was kind of a hater in the beginning but they’ve grown on me. The nude background works as tempering for fun color choices like turquoise and wine, while simultaneously making basics like black and nude more interesting.

  • as long as I really love the shoe then I will wear and buy them regardless of its popularity or of whats trending now. I would love to own the rockstuds in nude but unfortunately for me, they are really too expensive!

  • Love them! I just die every time I see Valentinos no matter the color. I’ve repinned that same shoe on pinterest several times.

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