Theodora & Callum print canvas wedges

Theodora & Callum is a brand I only became aware of recently, but their printed canvas wedges have been catching my eye every time I’ve looked at the Shopbop website lately, so I figured I may as well show you them.

I’m sure I don’t need to explain my love of canvas wedges, because I’ve talked about that more than enough thankyouverymuch. While I love the shape of these, though, and it’s nice to see some colourful footwear at this time of year, I must admit that the prints used here aren’t particularly to my taste, purely because they wouldn’t really work with the rest of my wardrobe. Of course, the $395 price tag isn’t to my taste either, so it’s lucky for me that I’m not tempted by these, non?

What does everyone else think of them? (Click here to buy them from Shopbop.)


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