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retro polka dot dress

Retro polka dot dress, £40

I used to do a Dress of the Day feature over at The Fashion Police , and latterly I’ve been posting links to my favourite dresses on Twitter and Facebook, but it occurred to me today that my love of dresses goes hand-in-hand with my love of shoes, and I often feature both together in my outfit suggestions, so why not post some amazing dresses here too? Although the name of this feature is “Dress of the Day”, I can’t promise to post something every SINGLE day (I’ll do my best, but some days there isn’t anything worth showing you, and I’d rather not post something just for the sake of it), and you should probably also be aware that I’ll be focusing on the retro-inspired dresses you’re already used to seeing in my outfit posts: again, if you’d rather just skip all of these, you can click on the “All Shoes” link in the menu bar to only ever see footwear!

With that little explanation out of the way, here’s my very first DOTD: this amazing retro polka dot dress, which is made by Fever Fish, and available at Dorothy Perkins for the bargain price of £40. I came across this day, while looking for something else entirely, and if you’d showed me it without telling me where it was from, I would never have guessed this was from a high-street brand: everything about it just screams “retro”, and it’s the kind of thing I’m more used to hunting down at brands like Bettie Page, Stop Staring, etc. The problem with brands like that, however, is that while they certainly make some amazing clothes, they do tend to be on the expensive side, and they can also be hard to track down here in the UK, which means you can add international shipping and customs fees onto that price, too.

This, however, is a retro polka dot dress, available on the high street, for just £40 – and given the frequency with which Dorothy Perkins release discount codes these days, there’s a good chance of getting it a little bit cheaper too, if you’re prepared to cross your fingers and wait for the next promotion. Here’s how I’d wear it: no prizes for guessing what type of shoes I went for…

retro polka dot  dress

Retro polka dot dress with Vivienne Westwood for Melissa Lady Dragon shoes:

shoes // lipstick // eyeliner // eyelashes


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