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Makeup is something that has been used for a long time. Trends change all the time – colour combinations have always been evolving and will continue to change. Products are used for similar purposes as they were years ago. There are so many different categories of makeup products that come in various shapes, formulas and sizes. The trends and colour combinations have changed throughout the years and continue to change as time goes on, but for the most part, most products are used the same way and for similar purposes. There are various types of products to choose from, and they all come in various shapes, sizes and formulas. These are the most popular makeup categories: 

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Primer – primer is applied before foundation and helps it apply smoothly. It minimises the appearance of pores and controls the skin’s oil production. It also helps keep your makeup on longer. 

Foundation – this is usually the first product applied to most makeup routines. This product creates a base for the rest of your makeup products. Foundation comes in a lot of finishes depending on your skin’s needs. Dry skin needs something more moisturising and luminizing while people with oily skin prefer something more matte. Sensitive skin requires foundations with no chemicals and mostly natural formulas that won’t irritate the skin. Foundation gives the face an even finish and provides a smooth canvas for other products. 

Concealer – this product comes in many different formulas and colours. The main goal is to conceal imperfections, spots, dark under eye circles, etc. It gives the face a brighter look and makes you look more awake. It also covers redness or discoloration. 

Powder – powder is used to set multiple products: foundation, concealer or any liquid blushes/bronzers. It’s commonly used to mattify the skin and give it a “blurred”, smooth finish. Powder keeps makeup in place and blurs out larger pores. 

Contour Powder- contour also gives the face dimension and is applied to the hollows of cheeks, tops of the forehead, and the nose. It makes the face look slimmer and gives the appearance of more defined cheekbones. 

Bronzer– a product that adds colour, shape and dimension to the face. Bronzers can either be used to contour the face or to darken your complexion.

Blush – blush is used to give the face some colour and a nice glow to make your skin look more youthful. Most blushes come in pink and peach shades, but can be found in other more unique shades. 

Highlighter – it’s used to give the face an illuminated look. Highlighter comes in cream, powder, loose and liquid forms. It’s applied to the high points of the face: the tops of cheekbones, cupid’s bow, bridge of the nose, and sides of the forehead. 

Eyeshadow base – this is used under eyeshadow to help blend the colours better and keep the eyeshadow in place. This step is especially useful for those with oily skin. 

Eyeshadow – these come in hundreds of colours, formulas and finishes. Eyeshadow is used to give the eye colour and shape. It also defines the natural shape of the lids. Different colours enhance different eye shades and make them pop. The most used formulas are matte, shimmer or pearl. Glitter eyeshadow is also quite popular and looks amazing. 

Eyeliner – eyeliners come in dark shades like black or brown. They define the eye shape or are used to create a completely different shape such as a cat eye. Black eyeliner enhances the eyes’ colour as well. It can be a great detail to any eye look. 

Setting eyebrow/eyelash gel– this product keeps your hair in place for many hours. 

Eyebrow – pencils, pomades and shadows are a few ways to fill in eyebrows. You can go for a more natural look by lightly filling them in with a pencil or use a pomade for more intense, carved brows. 

Mascara – a popular product used on the eyelashes. It curls, volumises and darkens the lashes. Mascaras can come with different brush shapes and formulas. It all depends on the effect you’d like. Tiny fibres in mascara attach to lashes and elongate them. 

Lip gloss- lip gloss also gives the lips colour and shape, but leaves a layer of shine on them. It makes them appear bigger and fuller. 

Lipstick – lipstick or lipgloss are applied at the end of makeup looks and complete the whole look. A cult classic is a red lip that is popular amongst women and is a very bold element. 

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Touch of colour

Blush is an amazing way to give your face some life and colour. It brings out the youthfulness of your skin and makes you look younger in general. It gets rid of the dull look in your skin. Vibrant, rosy-red cheeks look amazing, but the products we use to achieve this look aren’t always entirely safe. 

Harmful ingredients in cosmetics

Most makeup widely available in drugstores contain harmful ingredients are really bad for your skin and the environment. Your skin is a very important organ that should be taken care of. Here are some ingredients to avoid in cosmetics: 

Parabens– preservatives that are used to prevent the growth of bacteria in makeup products. Once the skin absorbs them and are transmitted into the bloodstream, they can cause early puberty and breast cancer. 

Heavy metals– chrome and nickel are two heavy metals found in different types of makeup, especially green or metallic colours. They are neurotoxins that can be linked to brain damage and lung cancer. 

Titanium dioxide– this ingredient is only safe when it’s in powder form. It can be found as TiO2.

Ethanolamine compounds– these contain chemicals called nitrosamines that can potentially cause cancer. Avoid the letters TEA, MEA and DEA. 

BAK- a preservative found in mascara and eye products that can be toxic to the epithelial cells of the eyes. This is a bad word that doesn’t have the most way of being in the way.

Retinyl acetate- a form of vitamin A that has been linked to reproductive toxicity and cancer. 

Carbon black– a powder that can be found in eye products. It’s been linked to cancer and organ system toxicity and is typically shown on the label as acetylene black, carbon black and channel black. 

organic products
What should you do?

It’s not easy completely avoiding harsh ingredients in makeup products. The safest way to be sure you’re using products that are good for your skin is to entirely get rid of harmful products and switch to organic makeup brands. A lot of brands use only all natural, safe, vegan ingredients that are extremely beneficial for the skin and provide similar quality. When it comes to certified organic makeup there are many options. 

Tata Harper Volumizing Lip and Cheek Tint

This product comes in three shades: Very Vivacious, Very Charming and Very Sweet. They are a bit pricey but definitely worth the price. The glossy pigments add a bit of a natural but vibrant glow to the cheeks and lips. It’s very hydrating and enhances your natural lip color – it gives a dewy, luminous finish. It stays on the cheeks for around six hours. The formula contains various different antioxidant rich, nourishing oils extracted from things like green tea and acai berries.

ILIA Multi Stick Blush

This blush is cream-based, so it isn’t as oily or greasy as some stain blushes. It’s perfect for people with oily skin who need a lightweight, non-greasy formula, but it’s great for all skin types. The range only has four shades. It’s high pigmented, but still manages to look natural and vibrant. For those with pale skin I Put A Spell On You or All Of Me are good choices. If you need something a bit darker, Cheek to Cheek is a good match. It contains beeswax and shea butter for moisture along with a bunch of other great natural ingredients.

100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Lip & Cheek Tint

100% Pure are one of those companies that is always natural. Their lip and cheek tints are perfect for livening up your lipsticks and giving yourself rosy red cheeks – it’s the best 2-in-1 product. If you just want to add a healthy glow, Pink Grapefruit, Peace and Cranberry is the way to go. If you’re looking for something more pigmented, try Shimmery Strawberry or Shimmery Cocoa Berry. 100% Pure’s whole thing is that they only use fruit-based dye so the tint won’t hurt your skin in any way, shape or form. It’s creamy, but also light and non-cakey. It doesn’t clog your pores or make you break out. This obviously makes it a great choice for acne-prone and sensitive skin. It will also stay on your skin for around eight hours.

Jane Iredale PurePressed Blush

Jane Iredale’s PurePressed blushes are in the business of making your cheekbones stand out. Their natural-looking pigment accentuates and defines your cheekbones. The gentle formula won’t irritate skin or clog pores which is great for oily or sensitive skin. Every shade in the range is gluten free. All of Jane Iredale’s stock is certified under the CCIC’s Leaping Bunny program for cruelty-free testing. The formula is made up mostly of minerals (both organic and inorganic) with natural colorants and preservatives. The blush looks natural and blends beautifully on the skin.


Organic blushes blend well and look amazing on the skin – there’s practically no difference between the effect of blushes found in the drugstore and organic ones, while the ingredients are completely different. Change the way you take care of your skin and switch to all natural products that can only benefit you.

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