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Babies are born with very sensitive and delicate skin. Their skin and hair need the best possible care. This is why products used should be free of harmful chemicals and have gentle formulas. The gentler the product, the better it is for the skin. You should be extra careful if your baby’s skin is prone to allergies and discomfort. A baby shampoo is meant not just for cleaning but also for the care of eyes, skin and scalp. The formula of these products should be moisturising and free of toxins.


Organic shampoos are the perfect way to make sure that there are no harmful chemicals getting into your baby’s skin which can be bad for his or her health. The is the best way to the get the only way through the back door.

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Buyer guide

The key things to remember when buying baby shampoo is that it should be completely safe and beneficial for the skin and health.


    • Formula – the formula should suit your baby’s skin. Look for ingredients like coconut oil, aloe vera, honey, shea butter and chamomile. These all soothe the skin and are very gentle with cleansing. It should be free of harmful chemicals like parabens, mineral oil, SLS and phenoxyethanol. These all can get absorbed into the skin and harm the health of the baby. Always choose the product which contains zero irritants like dyes and fragrances. All certified organic products are safe for babies. The formula should also be tear-free and prevent dryness.
    • Scalp and skin type – before buying the ideal shampoo for your baby, you want to make sure you know it’s exact skin and hair type. Your baby can have an oily scalp, a dry scalp or sensitive scalp. Each scalp requires a different shampoo. Babies that suffer from cradle cap or eczema need shampoos that are rich in oils and other eczema controlling ingredients. If your baby is allergic to any ingredients, there are special shampoos that are non-allergenic. Oily scalps need gentle shampoos that contain the right amount of oil.
    • Multipurpose product – most baby shampoos can be used from head to toe as both a body wash and shampoo. Since the ingredients are so gentle, there shouldn’t be any problems with dryness or irritation. This will also save you money.
    • Cost – organic shampoos tend to be more expensive, but it’s worth spending a little more if your baby’s health depends on it. There are actually a lot of products available that cost less than $20. Most of the time, the price range varies from $5 to $30. It all depends on the ingredients and brand. Sometimes brands offer coupons, deals and discounts so it helps save some money.


Here’s a list of general tips to consider when buying baby shampoo:

  • If you notice that your baby’s eyes get red and irritated with regular shampoo formulas, consider buying a tear-free formula
  • Look out for formulas that contain SLS which can penetrate into the skin and cause many allergies
  • Don’t shampoo everyday – babies’ scalps don’t get dirty as quick.
  • If you shampoo too often, can dry the skin out and irritate the baby’s scalp
  • Itchy scalps require products that have very few ingredients and no fragrances
  • Stay away from commercial shampoos available at the drugstore even if they cost less than an organic shampoo. They contain many toxic and harmful ingredients
  • It’s always important to double-check ingredients’ labels. Sometimes products marketed as organic still contain harmful extras
  • Babies that have sensitive skin should be bathed with a certified organic product which contains soothing ingredients like chamomile.
  • A pH balance formula is important – the formula should not disturb the protective layer of the skin
  • Always do a patch test before using the shampoo to see how the skin reacts
  • Choose products which are recommended by pediatricians and hypoallergenic
  • Always rinse the shampoo completely from the body after washing so no residues remain in the hair or on the skin. This can clog pores and even reduce hair growth.

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Nature’s Baby Organics Shampoo & Body Wash

This delicate shampoo has a fantastic vanilla and tangerine smell. It gives a soothing feel in the bath and leaves the baby feeling clean. The ingredients are over 70% certified organic ingredients. Some of them include aloe vera, chamomile, cucumber, calendula and vanilla extracts. It also contains vitamin E, oat proteins, and amino acids which make the hair strong and healthy. The formula is super moisturising and never dries out the skin or scalp. Since it’s gentle, soothing, paraben-free and hypoallergenic, it can be used for babies with sensitive skin. The price is amazing as well and the product can be used as both a shampoo and body wash. It’s a simple and convenient product that lasts for almost a month. If you prefer other fragrances, they have more to choose from: lavender chamomile, coconut pineapple and vanilla tangerine. The sizes also vary.


Era Organic Moisturising Shampoo

The ideal shampoo for treating various hair problems such as dandruff, dry hair, and itchy scalp. It contains aloe vera, argan oil, and manuka honey so it’s great for repairing and hydrating the hair. It soothes the hair and makes it stronger and healthier. Era Organic Moisturizing Shampoo is highly effective for healing and moisturising damaged, dry, and itchy scalp. The product is rich in vitamins, pH balanced, sulfate-free and very helpful for curing various hair problems such as dandruff, eczema, scalp psoriasis, etc. It doesn’t contain any fragrances and is prepared by using cruelty-free products. It is also free from parabens, silicons, SLS, and alcohol. It boosts hair re-growth by improving circulation, and keratin and collagen production. Hair after this product is strong and shiny.


Baja Baby Unscented Shampoo

This high-quality, organic product is used as a baby shampoo and body wash. It’s great for skin that has problems with eczema, cradle cap or sensitivity. The product is enriched with glacial water, vitamins, hemp seed oil and many other beneficial ingredients. You can use it daily since it doesn’t irritate at all. Hemp oil is a rich source of essential fatty acids and a natural moisturiser, so it improves the scalp’s health. This shampoo is perfect for keeping the hair clean and soft.


Babyganics Baby Shampoo and Body Wash

The tear-free formula of this shampoo makes it super gentle on the skin. It’s made up of all non-allergenic ingredients: zero sulphates, parabens, mineral oil and harmful fragrances. It’s not tested on animals and is paediatrician and dermatologist recommended. The nourishing oil blend is what makes this shampoo great at moisturising the skin. It combines essential oils like tomato, sunflower, cranberry, cumin and raspberry. All these oils make the skin feel soft and clean without making it feel oily or itchy. The price is is also affordable. it  comes in two types of packaging and three styles. You can choose the one style which suits your usage and needs. The easy pump packaging makes it simple to use, especially when you are busy handling the baby.

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Mill Creek Biotin Shampoo

This shampoo is great for improving hair growth. It’s perfect for adding vitamins into the hair of your child. The enriched formula in Mill Creek Biotin Shampoo is helpful for replenishing the important nutrients that are necessary for the healthy hair and scalp. The shampoo contains biotin with cystine, jojoba, aloe vera and keratin. Your baby’s hair will look healthy, smooth and shiny after using this. It also contains refreshing peppermint oil, which is helpful for providing an minty sensation for the scalp. It’s free from harmful chemicals, artificial dyes and preservatives.



Baby shampoo doesn’t only have to be used on babies – adults can also wash their hair with this type of product. It’s very gentle and beneficial for any age group. Adults suffering from a sensitive scalp or any skin issues will enjoy how delicate the product is.

In conclusion, it’s a good idea to try an organic baby shampoo and see how well it works. It’s super safe for the hair, especially a delicate baby’s scalp. No need to worry about harmful ingredients that can irritate the skin.

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