5 of The Prettiest Makeup Brush Sets Around

Now, I’m not saying you should choose your makeup brushes based solely on how they’ll look on your dressing table – heaven forbid!

We all know that good brushes are the basis of a flawless makeup application, so they’re worth investing in if you’re something of a beauty addict. We ALSO all know, however, that when it comes to choosing brushes, it doesn’t hurt if they LOOK nice, too, does it? My own brushes are currently in urgent need of replacement, so I’ve been doing a bit of window-shopping for replacements. Here are my some of the prettiest makeup brush sets I’ve found so far…

ZOEVA Rose golden luxury set vol 2

ZOEVA rose gold luxury makeup brush set vol 2

At £65, these would be a bit of a shock to my bank account – I’m the kind of person who’s always scrimped on makeup brushes before, hence the need to replace them! They get great reviews, though, and they look GORGEOUS: I love a bit of rose gold, and these would make putting my makeup on feel like a real luxury every morning.

multicoloured makeup brushes

Lottie The Best Of The Brushes Collection

This set, by contrast is just £20: I haven’t read any reviews, so I can’t speak to the quality, but I do love those colours!

TRISH MCEVOY Easy glamour power of brushes collection 2016

TRISH MCEVOY easy glamour power of brushes collection 2016

As a fan of the all-white look, I was always going to like this Trish McEvoy brush set, and I particularly like the little carrying case they come in, which would be perfect for travel. The rest of the time, I don’t think I’d want to hide these away, somehow!

Sephora antibacterial makeup brush set

SEPHORA COLLECTION Deluxe Antibacterial Makeup Brush Set

Tiny image (sorry about that!) but a super-stylish collection of seven brushes, all in an equally cute carry case. These have what Sephora describe as ” antimicrobial technology”, which is designed to keep them fresher for longer, too: good news for those of us who don’t always remember to clean our brushes as often as we’re supposed to.

 Makeup Brush Sets: Too Faced The Absolute Essentials - Professional 5-Piece Brush Set

Too Faced The Absolute Essentials – Professional 5-Piece Brush Set

I’m not sure which I like most: the pink brushes, the heart-covered case, or the little teddy bear on the zipper. With just five brushes, this is the smallest of all of these makeup brush sets, but it could be a good starting point if you’re in the process of building your collection!

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