‘Lois’ blue rope soled platforms from Stylist Pick

Stylist Pick 'Lois' shoes

‘Lois’ rope soled platforms, £45

Earlier this year, member’s only shoe site, Stylist Pick, dropped the membership requirement and started allowing anyone to browse and buy from the site. This makes me much more likely to take a look at the site every now and then: as much as I love shoe shopping (and as you all know, I REALLY love shoe shopping…) I’ve never really been very keen on the idea of “shoe clubs”, where the shoes are selected for you, and you have to opt-out of purchasing each month if you don’t see something that takes your fancy. I much prefer being able to just look at ALL of the shoes on the site, make my own choice, and just hit the “back” button if I don’t see anything I like.

On this occasion, however, I did see something I liked, that “something” being these rope-soled ‘Lois’ peep toes. I love the stylized, chunky shape of the heel, plus the lovely teal shade of the upper. The rope sole, meanwhile, gives these a nice, summery feel, which is always a plus-point as far as I’m concerned!

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