Chloe gold-trimmed nude ankle boots

Chloe gold-trimmed nude ankle boots, $995

Chloe gold-trimmed nude ankle boots

Chloe gold-trimmed nude ankle boots

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Sticking with the boots theme I started earlier today, these nude ankle boots fall into the “if only…” category for me. If only these boots were a little more reasonably priced – by which I mean a LOT more reasonably priced – I’d be aaalll over them. But they’re $995, which means I’m going to have to look, but not touch – which, luckily for me, is a situation I’m pretty used to, thanks to this very website!

These are by Chloe, and the nude, gold-trimmed leather upper has a luxe feel about it that I absolutely love. I have a pair of over-the-knee boots in this colour, and I wear them constantly ever winter. I have a feeling an ankle-boot version would get just as much use: well, it doesn’t get much more versatile than this particular colour, and I reckon these will work with just about anything you choose to wear them with. That pale colour may not seem like the most practical shade for winter, but the fact that they’re leather rather than suede should make them pretty hard-wearing: as long as you look after them properly, they could easily last for years. (My knee boots in this colour still look as good as knew, despite the heavy use…)

The thick, curvy heel is the other detail that sets these apart: it’s so wide that it’s almost wedge-like in appearance, which gives me hope that these will be as easy on the feet as they are on the eyes: here’s hoping, anyway!

What to wear with them, though?

Net-a-Porter have styled these with an all-white outfit, which makes for a truly stunning look. I don’t think all-white would be particularly practical in a Scottish autumn/winter, though, so I’ve gone for a similarly neutral, but easier-to-wear camel look:

camel jeans and tan jacket

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