Chie Mihara ‘Clotilde’ green suede shoe boots

A few weeks ago I made a promise to show you all the green shoes in all the world (it’s OK, you can thank me later), so here I am making good on my promise with these green suede shoe boots by Chie Mihara.

Chie Mihara is a brand I don’t really mention often enough here: I know they have a huge fan base, and although they’re expensive, the shoes have a luxe-look about them which may go some way towards justifying the high price tags: these shoes, for instance, are £238 at Spartoo, which puts them in a similar price league to some of the better-known designers out there.

These particular shoes have a heel which is lower and chunkier than I tend to go for personally, but they do look like they’d be comfortable, and I love the colour (obviously). What also impresses me about this brand is the size range available: these start at a UK2, which is pretty unusual for a non-specialist brand (In fact, I can’t remember the last time I saw a UK size 2 in a mainstream store, and I know those of you with small feet really struggle to find decent footwear options), and go up to a UK9.

What do you think of them?


  • They are very sweet – and that shade of green is fabulous! I like the brand very much – I really do, nice syles. They promise absolute comfort, but to be honest, I have a pair that I wore just twice, and twice they left my ankle bleeding (there’s an ankle strap) in such a way that it took 10 days to recover! Then I didn’t wear them anymore, or I must use a plaster.

  • Hi Amber. I really like them. They have a kind of King Charles feel about them. The colour is fantastic! They’re probably made for the Japanese market, hence the size 2. I lived in Japan and some shops don’t even stock above a size 5. Nevertheless it’s unusual to find such a small size in stock in the UK.

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