Boden black patent slingback flats

A pair of black patent flats that Audrey Hepburn would be proud of. Just add eyeliner.

patent slingback flats

I’ve been really into Boden lately. It’s a brand I’ve never really paid much attention to in the past, but this week I placed an order for a couple of their sixties-style sweaters, and now I’m seriously coveting these black patent flats. I actually don’t know why it’s taken me so long to realise it – I think I perhaps associated it with “older” ladies, somehow – but Boden does a great line in classic, timeless staples, and these shoes definitely fall into that category. Can’t you just imagine Audrey Hepburn wearing these with a pair of cropped pants, a plain black sweater and some flicked black eye-liner? That’s all you’d really need for the perfect casually chic look, but as I always say, those simple things can be so hard to find (Good luck with that sweater, for instance: my closet is positively groaning with little black sweaters, but I’ve yet to find The One…), so when you DO find them, I say grab’em.

At £79, these cost a little more than I’d usually pay for a pair of flats, but they’re SUCH a classic that I think I’d easily be able to justify the price by the number of times I’d wear them. If you like the look, meanwhile, but aren’t keen on the slingback, Boden also do a closed version, which comes in a range of colours, including red, leopard print and black.

I think I just might have found my new favourite flats.

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