Blue Boots for Women: Sergio Rossi 120MM blue suede knee boots

Are you ready to start thinking about winter clothes yet?

Nope, me neither. I won’t ever be ready to start thinking about winter clothes, though: I will be dragged unwillingly into winter, clinging onto my sundresses and sandals until the very last second, so my opinion possibly doesn’t count here.

Whether or not I’m ready to think about winter fashion, though, the fact is that winter fashion is ready for me to start thinking about it. The Fall collections are already starting to filter their way through to the retail sites (I know! In June!) and if there’s one thing that could possibly make the thought of colder temperatures a little bit more palatable for me, it would be these Sergio Rossi boots.

Beautiful, aren’t they?

Obviously the colour is the thing that grabs all of your attention at first, but if you can bring yourself to consider the rest of the design, it’s worth looking at too. I like the almond toed platform, which I always find more elegant than a rounder toe, and the slouchy style makes these easy to dress down.

As you would expect, the price is… well, not so attractive. These are £740, so if I want to dress my legs in blue suede boots this winter, I’m going to hope that some less expensive brand steps up the plate with a version with a few less digits in the price.

If you want these ones, meanwhile, they’re available at Louisa Via Roma, and you can click here to buy them.


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