4 Ways to Get Out of a Style Rut Without Buying New Clothes

How to get out of a style rut

Stuck in a style rut? Desperate to break out? Here are four easy ways to try a new style without having to completely overhaul your closet…


A few months ago, I let my husband choose my outfit for a post on my personal blog. Now, I’m not suggesting you give free reign to someone who knows even less about style than you do, but although the results of that particular experiment were interesting, to say the least, the process was even more interesting to me, because, given free access to my closet, my husband picked out and combined items I wouldn’t necessarily have thought of, and it really helped me look at my clothes in a slightly different way. If you’re feeling a bit sick of wearing the same old things all the time, a fresh pair of eyes can really help you come up with new ways to wear old clothes: if there’s a friend who’s style you admire, try asking her to pick out an outfit or two for you to try  – chances are she’ll pick something you wouldn’t have thought of, and you never know, you just might love it!


It might sound silly, but I find that making even a small change to my hairstyle will often make me want to dress a little differently, too. You don’t have to make a radical change to put this theory to the test, either: sometimes just changing the way you style your existing cut will be enough to make you look at your closet different, and try something new.


One of the things that made the biggest difference to my own personal style was the Shoe Challenge I started a few years ago. I’d always been interested in clothes, but up until then, I hadn’t really ventured particularly far from the “jeans and a nice top” uniform I’d had for years. Starting to photograph my outfits, however, really prompted me to think more carefully about what I was wearing, and also to analyse what various things REALLY looked like on. For some reason, the camera can often help to highlight things you don’t see when you look in the mirror, and while my style experiments weren’t always successful, at least it encouraged me to try!


I know shopping isn’t necessarily everyone’s idea of fun, but it can be if you want it to – especially when you’re not on the hunt for something specific. When I was a teenager, my best friend and I would frequently go “fantasy shopping”, whereby we’d go into stores and try on the most outrageous item we could find – or just something we wouldn’t normally consider wearing. You won’t always finds something you love by doing this, obviously, but you might just surprise yourself by picking up something you normally wouldn’t give a second glance, and discovering that it actually looks fantastic on you. You won’t know until you try – and, at the very least, you should have some fun in the process: especially if you take a friend along and make a day of it!

4 ways to change your look without buying new clothes


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