Vivienne Westwood for Melissa Fall 2011 collection

Spring may just have arrived (here at least), but in Vivienne Westwood/Melissa land, it’s already time to look forward to Winter, with the arrival of the Fall 2011 shoe collection from the collaboration.

The stand-out new style from this release is the Lady Dragon Pom Pom, shown above. the pom-pom in question looks almost exactly like a toy I have tucked away somewhere.Β I think it’s called a “skoosh ball”, although I could well be making that up. Moving on…

The iconic heart shoes also get a re-release this winter, in some new colours:

I absolutely adore the pink glittery version, but I’m such a sucker for these shoes that I wouldn’t say no to any of them.

There are also some pretty flats:

The collection also includes the “Skyscraper Westwood”, which has a flocked upper (don’t worry, they’re still jelly underneath!):

These have a mock-suede upper, and are called “Skyscraper”. I like the shape, but I’m not sure what I think about them otherwise: what do you think?

I’ve shown just a few of the different colours and styles available as part of this collection, so if you want to see more, you can click here to visit the Vivienne Westwood website. Just remember to come back and tell me what you thought!


  • I think I like the fabric covered shoes. I love the shape, anyway. I’ve seen other Melissa shoes that are flock covered and I suspect these are too, which is weird but gives a weirdly vaguely suede-y look without the maintenance issues of suede. I’m not keen on the skoosh ones, but I’d like the heart front Lady Dragons in Every. Colour. Please.

  • I loved ALL! Really, all! It’s the first time Melissa and Dame Vivienne release “fabric covered” shoes, but Melissa has “old” styles also covered in what looks and feels like sued – I regret I once didn’t buy a fantastic pair of green Mary Janes! I loved the flats, I am amazed – I very seldom like flats! I am sure they are not that cheap… πŸ™ I’ll take a look! Thanks for the suggestion! (I was looking for jelly flats! And I didn’t want Crocs!)

  • Gorgeous, adore the ones with the heart, ordered a grey (with indigo blue heart) pair a week ago, canΒ΄t wait to wear them ;P

  • I had one of those ball things! It was a “Koosh” ball, so you were pretty darn close. Mine was hot pink and yellow – a lovely combination.

    I am loving the pink glittery ones. Mmm mmm. Maybe not at that price though…

  • Having never tried any of these on, how do they feel on your feet? Is the heel sturdy enough to support my (not unimpressive) bulk?

  • So, I’ve always been interested in the Lady Dragon Heart Shoes for a while but always talk myself out of them because it is a jelly shoe and the heel scares me. A JELLY HEEL! The cost doesn’t bother me BUT they cost way too much for me to buy them and not like them.

    Amber I know you have these how do they feel on you? Is the heel sturdy? Is it jelly outer with something on the inside? Are they true to size? It doesn’t say on the site. I just don’t want my feet wobbling all over. Or anyone else that has them could give me an answer. Thanks everyone =]

    • It’s just a normal heel with a plastic coating – I don’t think you’d be able to stand in them if it was jelly all the way through!

      I have to size down in them, but I’m always really wary of giving sizing advice because everyone has differently shaped feet: I know lots of people who find them true to size, and others who’ve had to size down. I think you’d have to try them on to know for sure πŸ™‚

  • I have the Lady Dragon shoes in gold with the red heart and they are fabulous. I love every shoe in the new collection, even the Cameo flats! I will be coveting the red Skyscrapers too I think πŸ™‚

  • I’m loving the heart heels in the pink glitter and white versions. I have 2 pairs of these shoes already, but I’m sure I could do with a 3rd and maybe 4th pair this year… πŸ™‚

  • Much prefer this flat to any of the previous flats dame viv has designed for Mellisa. I like the idea of the suede covering too but I feel they lack the kitch fun element of the others in the collection……where’s the cherries?!?! I am at my most adoring of Westwood when she has tounge planted firmly in her cheek.

  • I just can’t get into these shoes. I know everyone in the shoe-centric fashion world is going gaga for them, but to me they are just weird. I honestly don’t understand the appeal.

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