Topshop ‘Jilted’ mid-heel almond toe shoes

mid-height heels in blue and leopard print

Topshop ‘Jilted’ mid-heel almond toe shoes, £46

Those of you who love mid-height heels, this is definitely YOUR season. I’ve noted this before, but this particular height is so prolific right now I actually feel like I’m coming across more mid-height heels I like than high-heels. I can’t even bring myself to complain about this, because let’s face it: the stiletto has ruled supreme for so long now it’s only fair some other style should enjoy a moment in the spotlight, right?

As for these shoes, it’s not just the heel that made them stand out to me, but also the choice of uppers. In addition to the leopard and cobalt versions I’ve shown above, these are also available in black and orange, and honestly, if this is your preferred heel height, I’d stock up while you can. I know it won’t be to everyone’s taste, but I also like the low vamp on these shoes: that hint of toe cleavage is a good way to ensure that these are one pair of mid-height heels that will never be described as “frumpy”!

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  • To absolutely no-one’s surprise, I think I’d prefer a slightly higher heel on these. But I do like that blue.

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