Ted Baker ‘Jolee’ pink ballet flats

pink jelly shoes

Ted Baker ‘Jolee’, £50

Whenever I think of jelly shoes (Which is actually fairly often, to be honest), it’s normally Vivienne Westwood’s line for Melissa that springs to mind. Actually, though, Ted Baker has been making cute little jelly flats for quite some time now too, so I figured it was time I gave them some attention.

Shoes like these really appeal to me: not as everyday shoes, you understand, but, look, I live in Scotland. It rains. A lot. Waterproof shoes of some description come in REALLY handy here, and I think something like this would make a nice alternative to Wellington boots or a warm-but-drizzly day when you don’t want to risk spoiling your “proper” shoes in the wet weather. No, they won’t keep you quite as dry as tall boots will, but they’ll be a little less clammy to wear, and will look much cuter than a pair of rubber boots, too. They’re the kind of thing I can imagine wearing for short walks in the rain, and then changing out of when I got to my destination, although they’re cute enough to be worn all day, if you so desire.

These come in four different colours, and are available at Sarenza.

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